It was six years ago after meeting Prophets Jimmy & Waverly Kellett, trainers from
Christian International Apostolic Network, that the Lord directed Apostle Wayne and
Prophetess Annie Howden to begin the Ministering Spiritual Gifts Training sessions.

After being trained by the Kelletts, in the Christian International curriculum –
Ministering Spiritual Gifts, the Howdens received revelation of present truth and an
impartation that changed their lives. Apostle Howden explains, “We knew that it was
something that should be replicated in the saints.” The Howdens set out to develop
training and a curriculum to fill a much needed void in the Christian walk. “We knew
the training was needed for those who were tired of the traditional and religiosity as
were we …and were hungry for more”, explained Apostle Howden.

Consequently, the Howdens hosted the first Ministering Spiritual Gifts training in
Baltimore in 2007. In the same year, the couple was invited by Bishop Valeriano
Melendez to minister at his church, Soul Saving Station, in Ahoskie, NC. While staying
at the Hilton Garden Inn in Suffolk, VA, the Holy Spirit spoke to Apostle Howden &
Prophetess Annie to offer the MSG training at the Suffolk hotel. Little did they know
that Apostle Zinerva & Dr. Irma White from Hampton, VA had been praying for an
Apostolic Prophetic Training to rise up in the Hampton area. The Whites prayed
because of a vision that the Lord gave Apostle White about an Apostolic Prophetic
Explosion along the East Coast.

As a result, in 2007, a convergence of divine encounters and Kingdom relationships
occurred, and the first Ministering Spiritual Gifts (MSG) training was birthed with
approximately 75 people in attendance. It was there that the Howdens met the Whites
and pastors & saints who were hungry for more. The following year the training grew
to almost 200 students. Hungry for more, the students requested that the training
be conducted twice a year. As the training grew, so did the faculty. Currently the
MSG trainings attract over 300 students per semester equipped by the best teaching
team in the world. Walking in faith that the Holy Spirit had sanctioned the training,
the team continues to work with Him by adding more courses and more anointed
teachers and student teachers (MSG graduate students) to carry out God’s mandate
nationally and internationally.

The Howden’s vision was and continues to be “to equip the saints for the work of
the ministry so that they will be prepared and ready to reap the end-time harvest
of souls.” This is done through Kingdom relationships, connecting and building
relationships with those who are hungry for “the more”.