Course Descriptions


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Ministering Spiritual Gifts Introduction (M1)

The introductory class, Ministering Spiritual Gifts, is an explosive beginning to higher levels and a deeper flow of the prophetic. Get hands on training and sound biblical principles for hearing the voice of God and ministering prophetically. Learn the importance of God restoring truth to the Church that was neglected or lost during the Dark Ages of Church History. Participate in activations that allow you to be a demonstration of Christ by releasing His voice.

Ministering Spiritual Gifts Introduction is a prerequisite for all courses.

Ministry of the Holy Spirit (MHS)

In this course you will discover that the Holy Spirit is the governor in the Kingdom of God. You will be able to examine the nature and personality of the Holy Spirit. It discusses the titles given the Holy Spirit and emblems which represent Him. Both reveal much about His ministry. The purposes, gifts, and fruit of the Holy Spirit are examined in detail. Practical guidelines are given for experiencing the baptism of the Holy Spirit, identifying spiritual gifts, and developing the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  (Prerequisite M1)

Ministering Spiritual Gifts-Breakthrough (M2)

In Ministering Spiritual Gifts Breakthrough you will minister and participate in activations that will give you an even greater opportunity to minister spiritual gifts in a safe environment. You will learn to seek the Lord for impartation, activation and demonstration. Be further trained and activated while gaining a deeper understanding of prophetic principles. These principles give practical advice and answer common questions for those releasing prophetic ministry. Also learn prophetic pitfalls which describes snares that can hinder.  (Pre-requisite M1, MHS)

 Ministering Spiritual Gifts by Faith (M3)

In Ministering Spiritual Gifts By Faith you will learn to seek the Lord for impartation, activation, and demonstration. Be trained and activated to a greater flow in prophecy, word of knowledge and word of wisdom. Gain a greater understanding of prophetic principles that will infuse you with faith to believe that you can prophesy. Learn principles designed to give practical advice for both releasing and receiving prophetic ministry. (Prerequisites M1, MHS, M2)

Practicum: Arise and Demonstrate – Lifestyle

In this module we are offering, you will learn how to “Use the gifts in public places, and in the marketplace.” Learn how to “Build a Platform for Ministry” – “How to integrate the practical with the Gifts of the Spirit” and “How to minister the Gifts to a total stranger.” This course will serve as a practicum for the MSG Training. After completing this course, Modules 3 and 4 will be even more meaningful as you make it a lifestyle.  (Pre-requisites M1)

Ministering Spiritual Gifts Advanced (M4)

In Ministering Spiritual Gifts Advanced you will learn how to team with the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and Jehovah God as they are the best example of team. Then with manifest presence you will step into a demonstration of Jesus Christ the prophet. Experience an even greater level through an advanced training that equips you to tap into a deeper, more mature, more accurate flow of prophetic ministry. Be activated to minister the heart of God in present-truth. Gain truth that is helpful in giving instruction and answering difficult questions that might arise while you are prophesying. Learn prophetic pitfalls to avoid, which can hinder ministers. Participate in advanced activations, which will stretch you to minister spiritual gifts at a new level in a safe environment.  *Available Fall Semester Only  (Pre-requisites M1, MHS, M2, M3 & Arise & Demonstrate) 


Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Part 1

We, as born again believers, have the right and responsibility to bring people to the freedom which is available through the power of Christ Jesus. God placed within each of us certain gifts and callings, and we need to make ourselves available to minister in those areas. We should be prepared to go into the local churches and help raise up deliverance teams so that when revival breaks out we will be ready! (Prerequisite M1,MHS)

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Part  2

Deliverance can be intimidating if you do not know your authority in Jesus. Before ministering deliverance to another person, you should be delivered, set free, trained and activated in your gifting. Our heart is to see you operating in the healing and delivering power of God. Bob and Sharon Parkes want to personally invite you to join them for a weekend of training in Prophetic Healing and Deliverance and Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Advanced. Now is the time for you to be activated in healing and deliverance.  (Prerequisite M1, MHS)

Apostolic Prophetic Evangelism- A new “way” to do Evangelism

Prophetic – Learn how to become culturally relevant with Evangelism. You will understand that Jesus said we must love people and the Holy Spirit will convict them of their sins. Learn that if you don’t mention God and Jesus in every conversation you have with people that you are not compromising the Gospel. You will discover how to open people’s eyes to God; understand and apply “Process Evangelism” Learn how to “communicate non-religiously” and use the power of prophetic encouraging words.

Apostolic – “It’s time for Believers to act like believers again, acknowledging that God is not stingy with His power, but rejoices when His children imitate their Father.” Dr. Sharon Stone’s teaching will educate and activate you in partnering with the supernatural power of God. You will learn how to offer those who don’t know Jesus Christ tangible hope that there is a Deliverer, Healer and One who knows them and cares.  (Prerequisite M1, MHS)

Dreams and Visions

In this course, you will learn how God speaks today through dreams and visions; understanding the language of symbolism; properly interpreting dreams and visions; distinguishing between natural and spiritual dreams, and God’s purpose for dreams and visions.  (Pre-requisite M1, MHS)

School of Healing and Impartation

The purpose of this Healing School is to model, impart and empower believers from all levels by equipping them to reproduce the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in the area of healing. It is designed to help people understand what God is doing in our time and encourage them to become God’s vessels who invade earth with heaven’s realities. In this course you will receive three things:

1. Revelation – allowing your mind to be renewed by the Word of God;

2. Impartation – receiving the anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit for empowerment;

3. Activation – Stepping out in faith during the practicum sessions to DO what you have been learning and are being empowered for.

(Pre-requisite M1, MHS) (Global Awakening – School of Healing and Impartation – Workbook)

Moving in The Supernatural

This course is designed to empower believers to move in divine, supernatural dimensions.    You will learn to co-labor with the Holy Spirit, activate your faith and operate in the gifts of the Spirit to receive & release healing & financial miracles, creative miracles, miracles of multiplication, miracles in the natural realm and miracles of deliverance  & breakthrough.

You will become a part of that great company that is ushering in the outpourings of God through  demonstrations of His Spirit as you are activated to see the invisible, hear the inaudible & believe the impossible through the eyes and ears of the Spirit. (Pre-requisite M1, MHS)

Higher Living Leadership Training

Higher Living Leadership is a training rich in value for leaders of all spheres of influence whether leading the small unit of a family or as large scale as a country. In this training, Dr. Melodye Hilton has developed and packaged a series of concepts, principles, practical and spiritual truths that lead individuals to discover their validation quotient–the attributes that unleash personal leadership value, generate it in others, and positively transform culture.   This training includes the importance of discovering individual and corporate purpose and core values, self-assessment, personal responsibility, conflict resolution, and the ability to build trust, thus creating worth in one’s personal as well as professional environment. (Pre-requisite M1, MHS)


The ultimate goal of the MSG training is to equip each believer with the skills and confidence necessary to effectively minister in the market place. The internship will provide valuable experience in achieving this goal. Each student will be required to have two (2) hours of hands-on prophetic ministry training experience prior to receiving a Certificate of Graduation. Once entered into the program each student will be assigned to a Prophetic Ministry Team during their attendance at a MSG conference. This may be taken after completing Module 3, and in conjunction with Module 4 and any other specialty courses until completed. (Pre-requisites M1, MHS, M2, M3 )


MSG classes taken elsewhere are transferable

If you have taken any of the MSG training courses at another facility and would like to get credit for them, we will gladly apply them toward your graduation requirements. You simply need to submit a letter of validation on the facility’s letterhead, documenting when the course was taken and that you completed it successfully. You may email a copy of this letter, or fax it to us at 410-761-1226, however the original letter must be submitted to The Way Ministries Int’l Inc. for our records. Please be advised that you will not be permitted to advance in the training until we receive this notification.

MSG Training counts for college credit

The training you are receiving has been developed through Christian International Ministries. One of their areas of influence is assisting students to further their education beyond the classroom setting..Christian International School of Theology provides various methods of study, and conferences like this one, can count towards a degree in their program. Please contact Christian International for additional information at 850-231-2600.

You can become a Student Teacher

Once you have completed all graduation requirements you can apply for certification to become a student teacher. What a great opportunity to keep the skills and divine impartations you have received active and flowing! Certification can be obtained by submitting the application located in the back of your Module I booklet, titled “Manual for Ministering Spiritual Gifts.” You may also have the opportunity to acquire hands on training at a MSG conference like this one, by attending a Student Teacher Orientation. The selection of Student Teachers for MSG conferences is based at the discretion of the Apostolic leaders, and on the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Please see a faculty staff member for more information.