Spotlight On Ministry: A Prophetic Word Nicaragua

“Apostolic Prophetic ministry has been a blessing from the moment they were taught to our lives in our country, Nicaragua. The first class that we received from The Way Ministries was super wonderful because we learned about Spiritual Gifts. This has been a blessing to the church Libano Del Cordero De Dios, We have been using, as a tool, the teaching of the Spiritual Gifts. We have been using the teachings in our community, in schools, in prisons and also in a personal way. Giving to them a word of revelation from God, prophecies and all about what is the Apostolic Prophetic movement. Thanks to God and thanks to those brothers and sister in Christ who have come here; we now know about what all of this means. We also thank them because they have been sharing with us the Spiritual Gifts in our nation Nicaragua, working with the Apostle Wayne and his ministry has been a blessing to us, Thanks!

We motivate you people of God to keep supporting us spiritually, morally, and economically but more than that also we ask for your prayers. One day I wish to share with all of you in a personal way there in the United States what God has done down here.”

Pastors Roberto & Patricia Lopez